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8 Weeks
05:00 hours per week

Course Insights

If the thought of organizing an event gives butterflies in the stomach, then you are scrolling the right page. You have a chance to turn your passion for creating an event into a skill.

Event Management and Planning is now a 100 billion dollar industry in India. Your creative hunger and energetic attitude of networking can dig you gold by learning this fine art and making a career out of it.

But is designing, conceptualizing and executing an event a piece of cake? What does it take to be the most sought-after event planner in the town? Find it out in a crisply designed course by the best industry professionals.

  • Course Highlights
      • Duration- 8 weeks
      • Mentoring by the Industry Expert
      • Recorded Video Lectures
      • Downloadable Content like E-Workbooks
      • Self-paced Learning
      • Networking Platform with AAFT Alumni
      • Placement Assistance
      • E-Certification on Completion
  • What you will learn
    • You get a firsthand experience of creating an entire event right from ground zero with us

      • Carving careers out of Event Management
      • The different concepts, themes and developments of any event
      • Conceiving, Planning and Execution process
      • Checklist of any event execution
      • Handling the Clients, Vendors and other stakeholders
      • Promoting your event- offline and online
      • The budgeting involved in any event
      • Risks Management in any event
      • Creating your own event
  • Pre-Requisites
      • Sales and Marketing Skills
      • High Networking and Negotiation Skills
      • Basic Aesthetics and Attention to Detail
      • Knowledge of Project Management Software

Career Prospects

Your passion for organizing an event and an expert hand at conducting an entire event like a pro can land you in a myriad of roles in the Event Industry like

Event Planner

Event Manager

Exhibition Organizer

Wedding Planner

Logistic Manager

Course Preview

A sample of the recorded lecture to give you an idea of the format and depth of the course.

Course Synopsis

Understand the best kept secrets of organizing an event by the first and foremost in the industry

  • Course Orientation
    00:30 Mins
    • Let's Begin

      Introduce Yourself

  • Module 1 - Overview of Event Industry
    13 Lectures
    05:00 Hours
    • 1.1. Introduction

      1.2. Challenges in the Early 80's

      1.3. Speaker's Journey

      1.4. Introduction - Rhea Malvai

      1.5. Scope of Events in Indian Industry

      1.6. What is an Event?

      1.7. Scope of Event Management in India

      1.8. Why Join Event Management?

      1.9. SMART Goals

      1.10. Types of Events

      1.11. Objective and Goals of Event Management

      1.12. How do You Measure Your Success?

      1.13. Expert Interactions

      Module 1 - Assignment

      Survey End of Module 1

  • Module 2 - Planning and Processing of the Event
    10 Lectures
    05:00 Hours
    • 2.1. Overview

      2.2. Overview by Rhea Malvai

      2.3. What is Event Planning?

      2.4. Event Planner

      2.5. Why do we need Event Planning?

      2.6. How to Make the Checklist?

      2.7. Checklist Used by Top Event Planners

      2.8. Event Checklist - Different Scenarios

      2.9. Process of Event Planning

      2.10. Expert Interaction

      Module 2 - Assignment

      Survey End of Module 2

  • Module 3 - Concept and Development
    6 Lectures
    05:00 Hours
    • 3.1. Overview

      3.2. Understanding the Concepts

      3.3. Effective Event Concepts

      3.4. SWOT of an Event

      3.5. Conclusion

      3.6. Useful Tips and Tricks

      Module 3 - Assignment

      Survey End of Module 3

  • Module 4 - Venues and Themes
    15 Lectures
    05:00 Hours
    • 4.1. Overview by Industry Expert - Meher Sarid

      4.2. Find Flat Lands by Using Google Earth

      4.3. Seating Plan

      4.4. Overall Layout

      4.5. Final Designboard

      4.6. Why Sampling for an Event is Important?

      4.7. Venues and Themes

      4.8. How to Develop a Theme?

      4.9. Types of Themes

      4.10. What is a Venue?

      4.11. Services and Facilities

      4.12. Cost and Flexibility on Event Date

      4.13. Different Types of Venues

      4.14. Logistics

      4.15. How to Create an Event Logistics Plan?

      Module 4 - Assignment

      Survey End of Module 4

  • Module 5 - Client Services
    8 Lectures
    05:00 Hours
    • 5.1. Understand the Client and Supplier

      5.2. Overview - Client Services

      5.3. Client Management

      5.4. What is Supplier Management?

      5.5. How to Select a Supplier?

      5.6. Types of Supplier

      5.7. Risk Management

      5.8. Expert Interactions

      Module 5 - Assignment

      Survey End of Module 5

  • Module 6 - Budgeting
    11 Lectures
    05:00 Hours
    • 6.1. Overview

      6.2. Overview - Balancing an Event Budget

      6.3. Event Budget – An Introduction

      6.4. Budgeting Rules for Main Events

      6.5. Types of Event Expenditures – Fixed costs

      6.6. Important Aspects of an Event Budget to keep Track

      6.7. How to Create and Manage an Event Budget

      6.8. Negotiation

      6.9. Importance of Negotiation in Event

      6.10. How to Negotiate?

      6.11. Demonstration

      Module 6 - Assignment

      Survey End of Module 6

  • Module 7 - Event Promotions & Digital Marketing
    8 Lectures
    05:00 Hours
    • 7.1. Overview - Event Promotions

      7.2. What are Social Media Platforms?

      7.3. Event Marketing

      7.4. Understanding Event Promotion

      7.5. Social Media Platforms

      7.6. How to Promote an Event?

      7.7. Promotion through Social Media

      7.8. Run Competitions and Giveaways

      Module 7 - Assignment

      Survey End of Module 7

  • Module 8 - How to Get Started
    2 Lectures
    05:00 Hours
    • 8.1. Set up your Event Management Business - Part 1

      8.2. Set up your Event Management Business - Part 2

      Module 8 - Assignment

      Survey End of Module 8

      Closure Survey

Some of our recruiters are

Some of our recruiters are

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The Experts at AAFT Online bring a blend of professional experience and academic expertise to provide you with the right skills to become a market ready professional!

Dr. Meher Sarid

Director Event Management & Planning Experience: 30 Years

Meher Sarid is a veteran Wedding Stylist; she is India’s first wedding planner and has been recognized by the Government of India for being the changing face of the Wedding Industry. Her deep insights provide an edge to the course as it explains the commercial and strategic aspects of the field.

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Rhea Malvai

Lead - Planning & Operations Experience: 12 Years in the Event Industry

A design and communications professional with 11 years of experience in public relations, promotions, event management, wedding planning, jewellery design and event production.

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Course Fees
INR 10,999 (inc. taxes)
EMI Option Available

Event Management and Planning with Dr. Meher Sarid